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STARCRAFT II - Hell, Its about time.

Ok..I..cant..breathe..its true..Starcraft II is officially announced in Korea on may 19th..this one RTS game which I along with millions have been waiting all our lives..The rumours where thick and fast with damn teasers running around and finally its true..when I saw the splash screen I almost cried..its too damn good to be true..its finally here..

Am a bit let down with the same 3 races, thought there would be a XelNaga thrown in. But the graphics are just beyond God like and with the kickass story of Raynor,Kerrigan & Zeratul you know

Hell, its about time

YouTube Videos of Stacraft:

Official Trailer
Gameplay With Nukes!!

Finally my life has purpose now..

There goes 2 months salary in getting a machine that can play the game at acceptable frame rates.

Did not know that you were a gamer !

What else do ya play ?

LOL. this isnt the first time i met a guy who's passionate about about games like this, and always, i am left astounded by that fact. :-)

Anyway, i know this isnt relevant to this entry, but i tried to leave a comment in your tagbox but couldnt, so just wanted to say... those photos are great. didnt know Petronas Twin Tower was THAT short... LOL. and, you are kinda cute.

@ Ravi- We will have a CS match up..if u get the time off Academics and I get time off from Non Acadamics ;)

@ ladydin- Hey long time ;) Games I like..Starcraft is an obsession! and Lol yea nice camera work with the petronas huh..and I hope u know Im not the guy in the petronas pic..Im the green shirt dude with the frenchie ;)

LOL. how did u do that petronas trick? yeah i know ur the green shirt dude with the frenchie. :-) nice smile

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