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Of Birthdays,Money, & Transformations..

Sorry for the delayed update..ever since I turned 22 last this February 24th, I guess a couple of million brain cells died out..about half of them attributed to loss of the memory and the rest have killed out any creativity that I had(You can just Alt+F4 right away and save yourself the trouble). After the customary butt bashing/body in air/juice on jeans/water on shirt/cake on face, I finally had hit the big 22!

Before 00:00 hours, before the madness began, got my wishes from my well wisher(s)..so that steeled me for the road ahead. I was advised by my knowledgeable friend Prashanth G to ‘dress’ up for the occasion, so wore my trusty jeans that according to the tag on it:

  • Had survived 1000 tons of high speed sand blasting.
  • Shrugged of extreme heat/cold @ the sahara & Tundra respectively.
  • Been rolled over a million times by a Mahindra and Mahindra "MONSTER DX" Road Roller
But I guess there is one test they had not conducted, that’s a Mob that hates your guts. Added to that a Sales and Distribution Exam the next day was all they needed..they all got a big kick out of it.. and my poor butt had to bear the brunt.. At 00:00 hours, I could see myself being slowly led into the corridor like a man headed to the gallows..

I’ll let the pictures to the talking now..

1)A Pack of Dabur Real Juice dumped on me..It was all over me, I tried to have a few gulps of the same along the way , did not taste all that good, I found out later it was a month old..

2)Vanilla Cake+Juice = Not the best dessert combination

3)The Mob displaying their proud work of Art..

4)My Bday cake, courtesy Prashanth G ( ‘REC/Nancy Boy ’ is how he is referred to here)

After the frenzy, had to get cleaned up so stepped into the bathroom when Sachin(Our official Birthday photographer) decided that the world needed to see a bit more of me..

Stage Fear..at first..

To..Ok..maybe just one for the shutterbugs….

…To finally, shedding more than just camera shyness ;) Yea, maybe my underwear hanging in the background isn’t the best value addition.. But my awesome physique should make sure your eyes don’t wander anywhere else..

OK..temporary stop to the picture madness..

At 8:00 am left for SIBM for our Perfetti Market Research finals and ended up 3rd finally..and we did not even get a participant cert L Added to the fact that we were just given about 7 minutes for our presentation while the rest got the standard 20 minutes made the grapes even sourer! Ah well I guess we had to drown our sorrows in some very delectable sambhar-vada and eye the nattily dressed babes there ;p

Back to the college campus for the ‘official’ cake cutting and got my 2nd set of Birthday bumps in front of the cafeteria and two more lovely buckets of ice cold water thrown on me at 11:30 at night! Spent about an hour on campus, which turned out to be the best part of my entire day ;) and made sure that it was probably the most memorable birthday I’ve had.. The next day me and my quizzer buddy managed to win 4k in cash and a reliance internet data card (another 4k) in an in house held SCMHRD Entrepreneurship quiz Man..did I need that money bad or what!

I now am more motivated to participate in B school events, what ever it is from watching paint dry to if the food made by the dudes in the mess are really employed by Tammanna or if they are really former chefs at Tihar Jail… It used to be just for me, the cash, the certificates, the name..but it seems that they have become secondary now..I have become secondary to myself…#1 is occupied, not by me though.…

Ok couldn’t help myself....

6 months ago…

And Now..

Atkins/VLCC etc, I’m feeling benevolent so here I reveal to you the secrets of my transformation*..

  • Bad Food
  • Really bad food
  • No time to eat the bad food
  • No time to buy good food
  • No money to buy good food
  • No time to eat what good food I could buy
  • Girl(s)

*Not in any particular order….Interestingly have you read C.K.Prahalad’s bestselling book, fortune at the bottom of the pyramid?

PS: My apologies to anyone offended my pictures..My target audience are undertakers, girls over the age 18 and straight males.

As always a great read! How the "mob" could beat up someone, who is skin and bones is beyond me :)

cool one dude... looks like u had a ball.. live it up!!!

gud read.. n nice pics.. one thin!!! is the VLCC thin really wkng?? he he.. the food thin is better i guess!!!

gud post...and awwsome transformation :D

@anonymous: Merci, where there is a will there is a way !

@sri: thanks machhan, yea was an experience all right!

@bj: Vlcc has called me up..the rest of the news in the papers ;p

@Destiny: thx, transformation still incompleter until I win a major quiz !

Happy belated birthday!

Happy Birthday ....

and as for

# Bad Food
# Really bad food
# No time to eat the bad food
# No time to buy good food
# No money to buy good food
# No time to eat what good food I could buy

is scm actually that bad ?? have joined the 07-09 batch [;)]

For Heaven's Sake - DON'T EVER SHOW YOUR BARE BODY !YOUR BODY IS ......... NO WORDS. And, looks klike you are finally enjoyin life . he he .

@ravi: Hey jr! Well..the proof of the pudding is.. :) Welcome aboard!

@kumar: haha..jealous ;)



@Ravi-from 07-09 Batch-SCM Food is not that bad..infact is better than many a mess...after having stayed out of house for 8 years..I can vouch..Raghav is an odd case..nowadays he has no time..for food...he has blamed the mess food for masala...:)

@Raghav:- I sent the pic to MR by courier yesterday..he had asked for your autograph too, but u were too busy for it:(

Kulfi icecream madhiri iruntha paiyan, ippadhi ' Dracula' madhiri
aana sokatha enga poi solla? :(

love the intro..nicely described.
and the pictures...well..
seems you had a messy birthday.
dear god its you in a bathroom..with no top...
not what the audience wants to see...

maybe I should pose for such a pic too..after all..the target audience is the same..except the male population. and anyone below 18.

btw..fortune is indeed at the very bottom..its amazing how all these diets don't do shit..all you need is a woman..and viola. somehow you instantly begin to lose weight.

congrats on ur load shedding, i had been thru a similar spell a month back, i sorted it out with exercise. Although being at home kept me in close proximity to really "good" food, fattening food. Workout seems like ages when u put up all the stuff u lost in the work out in the first 7 bites of ur following meal.

I wonder if all the bday butt bashing really helps in reducing the butt fat....?

anyway, nice blog dude...will chk out the archives sometime soon....
very well written.


man.. u are so gay! sad thing is u think u are cool! honest opinion by a stranger who was unfortunate to land up at this site while surfing.

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