Thursday, February 28, 2008

Same time Same Blog

Time: Right after I saw something

Date: February 28, 2008

Place: On my beanbag watching Phantom on HBO

Hey hey hey..whats going on people? Yea I know long time since I updated this so called blog. I actually wrote a blog right after placements and #$^&**(&*^^%^%&*^*&*..that little gibberish was the people I openly made fun off..I guess fate says that I shouldn’t be so mean towards them. More on that later...1

Right now some highlights of the past 2 months or so.. REWIND

Date: Jan 5th 2008 – Placement Week (Day -2)

So lets get you good folks up to speed. Placements was good, lucky for me I got out early and into a good FMCG company. No it aint HUL, it’s the other one ;) More than enough for lil ol’me.

A lot of drama grips students, plenty of rumours abuzz (quite imaginative and caustic, generally fuelled by green eyed losers who couldn’t make the [fine smooth] cut and got nothing but smoke and burns ) . GPA’s did not matter too much, I don’t think at all, as I had a below average and nobody did not care.. Eat your heart out 4+ ers, ;) Hey..dont feel all that bummed when you want to do that MS in US…your going to be 1st in line ;)

Date: February 1st 2008 Goa Trip

It is the path every man has to go through before he heads into the real world. Take a trip outside your hunting zone with 5 brave warriors and leach at ladies In clothes they forgot to wear outside their cave. In other words go to Baga beach and soak up the sun, sand and surf..can I get more cliché ;) From the beaches to the bars to the brokers (don’t as what they were selling ;) to handling the most ridiculous conflicts amongst us on where to take pictures/eat/sleep, the exodus was a true eye opener..

Date: February 5th to 20th 2008 – Launching Careers

As you must be aware, man needs to earn some bread to finance his little exodus’s of life..So thanks to a personal contact I enrolled to help out with conducting Group Discussions and Personal Interviews at a reputed MBA coaching center. I was considering the same to be a career choice of mine but it was fate that I did/did not get in the time frame. Anyways, I had a great time here seeing starry eyed kids who reminded me of me couple of years ago, the hopes, dreams and fears they had were akin to mine..I realized that I am not such an have some skills and managed to helped them as much as I could… and made quite a loot along the way J


Am chilling out at home...enjoying a well earned rest..and then something propelled me to write this blog..and oh did I forget that we ran into a quite a few ‘fruity’ people in can I be politically correct and explain myself..whats that word..very..’happy’ that now I hope ;) You know Im not generally against them..I know a couple of them myself..some are actually helpful inspite of the animosity we I’d like to make my peace with for the other..what can I say..even time is against your back..I just hope you don’t get your hands broken.

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