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A Night at the Royale Casino

There was confusion on when the game
Was to begin.
Agents worked against me
I almost abdicated the royale scepter
But I decided that if I wanted to play
I could not play as a jack;
As a jack alone couldn't beat the Queen ;
I needed an Ace up my sleeve;
To Bridge the gap
But it all had to be done with a Poker face.
Lest my Bluff was called.

The game began; 'twas the first hand
Cards were dealt,
At a double edged show.
Darkness descended but it was like a comforting blanket
Sweets by the Sweet neutralized the bitterness in me;
Salvages of the same saved for time immemorial.
Kernels popping into their destination;
Unaided by me but so desired by me.
Hoping that the pack was bottomless
Alas it was, but;
The half centenary paid was now worth a million.

The second hand was at cross roads
Nostalgic memories around
Strengthening a common bond
Going to the Faraway Tree would hopefully;
Lead to the Seven Ancient wonders.

The final hand right on the street
Time certainly did not wait, it flew
Cold Coffee would go down warm
Thanks to reciprocating attire choices
Moreover the tilt of the head on the pillar
Nearly burned the tongue
But ‘tis a scar one can bear with no burden.

I had the best hand in the table that night;
The stakes are high;
The players are professionals;
And the prize money is immeasurable.

Did the cards read in my favour…?
It did that night.

reading this does take ME away to the Faraway land....:)

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