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It all started out as an accident. Nobody wanted it to happen. ..right? Weren't amends made to their fullest ? Or was this an excuse to keep it going? From then on there was no stopping it. Did I encourage it? Were the embers stoked or put out when they should have been? Did I unconsciously allow the former to slip by? Was it because it was something new and exiting and I never had the chance to experience the same? There was an appropriate time and place to settle any differences. But what existed was not a normal relationship. It took on an avatar of its own and turned its creators. It could not be defined to ourselves much less explain it to those interested. What is this now and what happens next?. Compounding to this are the events that have occurred in the past week or so which are the culmination of another set of complex misunderstandings and 3 way connections. I am afraid that the time has come now to make clear what is the current status of the situation and make amends to see that everyone walks off without any ill will towards the other. Is it possible to get back to status quo?

Can this be attributed to the fact that I have a self destruction attitude towards such things and if so why? Or is this due to the 3rd element that has been there for some time but has decided to surface now? Or was it always present and this is now being used conveniently? Was it fate?

There are so many questions to be answered so many desires left unfulfilled.

A complex post.. took time 2 decipher it...!!!

what happened love? Sounds so
unlike you or maybe you are a grown up boy now, but I still see only the
child in you:-) Whatever happened don't take it to heart as even 'this
shall pass'. Btw well expressed!


@raji: Not exactly..but not bad too!

hey man too complex a post from a happy go lucky chap like u..so is this a new phase of life u r experiencing at SCMHRD..growing up, maturing and all tht crap..knock ur next door if u want some more of the same crap..

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