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A year later..

Its been one whole year since I actually started a blog lamenting how I bombed CAT 2004 and I created a blog to cry my heart out. Now one year later, nothing has changed, I bombed cat 2005 too and but managed to get through a decent B school if not the IIMs, a place called Scmhrd.

It pains me when I see people efforlessly cruising through the CAT. Sour grapes? I give a damn. What I can't stand is when they discover that they are uber cool when they took a "diag test" cause their friends 'pushed' them into taking it and score like 99%ile. Then they go like..'eugh..this is CAT?' ok fine your cool, smart. But keep your _____ intact.
Then in every mock cat they get 99+ and cry if they go to 98..sheesh. End up with 5 calls, get into one of them. End of Story. Then they say how life was a big struggle and how they will never forget how much they suffered..

/call teh care police.

dialing 1800-care-police-Stfu.

don't get me wrong. I really admire and even deify people who get I'M calls let alone convert them..In fact I am probably your biggest fan. But I cant stand the hypocrisy. Please. Don't insult the game. Lotta people playing here. Not cool to diss it.

Bill gates once said life was not fair. I thought since he is a rich stuffed up punk he will make up such idealistic crap. But now I realize he was right. It isn't. Some people are born with genius embedded in them like a microchip, others like me guess..Well will have to settle for second best.

PS: I' ve been getting some flak about this so Ill make it clear:

I dont like the peeps who make out a fact that they have struggled for a year to make it to the IIMs when from the very 1st mock they took they got 99+ Thats not really a struggle is it? I have nothing against anyone else! In fact I <3 IIM peeps!

Raghav - thanks a ton for dropping in a line. Just read your post - ummm... I know the exact feeling you were talking about - probably because I've never quite been the topper... and more used to seeing the guys strut their stuff in fron tof your nose - it's disgusting. trust me - such people don't go too far - their immodesty catches up with them.

btw - I hope you were talking talking about me in your post ! [:o]

thats probably the best defence of mediocricity that i've seen :p

think about it..the ppl who perform better need not be the super-brains that u make them out to be..maybe they are awake enough to understand that its all a game ;)

Hi Q, thx for the comment. I am new to blogging so i dont know where I shd leave this..couldn't find a proper spot in your blog!

I am not trying to defend if i am smart/stupid. I know what I am :P

All i say is if your born intelligent from the very start and crack a blacki with 0 prep(referring only to those ppl) then dont make out a huge tale of how you suffered all those times prepping for cat(when there was no prep at all in the 1st place!!).

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